How to improve your knitting efficiency

1 How to install

1.Insert the pilar into the notch on the bottom of the machine,then tighten the screw.

2.Pleace the suction cups into the notch of machine pillars.

2 How to get started

Turn the handle until the white Crochet is aligned with the yarn guide, and then leave a 30cm long yarn in the middle of the machine to lift the yarn into the white crochet; turn the handle clockwise, and then cross the yarn on the hook. Finally, come out of the yarn guide and thread the yarn through the tension.

3 Yarn guide

After the first loop of hanging the yarn, pay attention to the yarn should pass through the yarn guide opening and be placed in the groove, and shouldn't float on the surface. This is also one of the reasons why many customers drop stitches.

4 Warm Tips

Our row counter is only suitable for tube knitting mode, you should put the button to the "T" position before using.

The product is suitable for 1.5mm-4.5mm yarn.

In the first three to four turns of weaving, be very careful not to drop any stitches. Because the first laps are the foundation of success.

Do not rotate the handle too fast, or it will drop stitches easily.

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