Making a Hat in 15 Minutes

The Sentro Knitting Machine is a smart knitting round loom for adults/kids

Made of high-quality plastic, no odor, safe, reliable, durable and long service life.

Great for beginners & with or without experience

Efficiently diy scarf hat sock

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I bought this to make beanies. It is so easy to use and I can make one of these in less than an hour. I am excited to learn how to use it in panel form, but tube form is amazing! I am so happy that I finally got it for myself.

W & W

I am really enjoying the Sentro 48 needle. After watching some videos on how to use it I was cranking out hats.To give an idea on how easy it is to use I had taken my machines to teach a friend's child how to use it. After basic instruction and telling her how many rows to count to she had made herself a hat. While she was working several other children asked questions and in no time each one had picked out yarn and was able to make themselves a hat in 30 minutes or less.


This work amazing for me ! Literally had it for 2 days and it was easy to use I do recommend watching a video before jumping right in but I can say best purchase

C. Pollard

The knitting machine was shipped and arrived quickly and in tact. It is working well and so far I’ve had no issues. Instructions were provided in English. I needed another tension guide and the seller sent out a replacement within two days. Great customer service. I would purchase from this supplier without hesitation and recommend this product as well. It is great for beginners.

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Grace Garcia

This machine is awesome! I've been eying it for a long time and after Thanksgiving I took advantage of the early black Friday sale and got it! Everything works as it should. I feel like a kid on Christmas hahaha. Non of the parts were missing or broken, the yarn that it comes with is great to test the machine, and will continue to get familiar with the machine using that provided Yarn. I will, however, use a more high quality yarn for my final products that I can't wait to start making.

If you've been thinking about it, go for it!

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