How to make the perfect panels on your circular knitting machine

In this video tutorial I’ll show you the secret to master panels on your circular knitting machine. Each machine has very similar settings, so this tutorial suits the Sentro knitting machine and others similar but with a different name and also the Addi knitting machine.

The secret for perfect panels on your circular knitting machine is to control the tension of the yarn using your hand instead of the tension piece of your Sentro knitting machine. Because you need to apply tension on the beginning of each row it’s hard to do that using the tension piece. You need to apply some pressure every time you start a row, otherwise the edges of your panel will not be even and you will drop stitches for that reason.

Using your fingers to tension the yarn is a much better way to work panels, you won’t loose stitches and your edges will be perfect like the image bellow. Also you can use summer yarns like cotton and light acrylic yarns if you tension the yarn with your hands. Light yarns are too thin for the tension piece that come in your Sentro, the Addi machine doesn’t have a tension piece so your naturally have to do it by hand.

panels on your circular knitting machine

In the image I’m using the Mandala Hombre yarn, which is a perfect yarn for summer projects and it runs like butter on both Addi and Sentro knitting machines. On the video bellow I’m also using a summer yarn called cotton Cakes which is a mix of cotton and acrylic yarn. I will be posting more tips on how to work the panel mode of your machines, so Subscribe here to my channel to get notifications of new videos and also help me growing my channels and make new patterns for you!

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Happy Making!

Fabi Correa