How to use sentro knitting machines

SENTRO Knitting Machines is a series of hand-knitting tool products developed and manufactured by SENTRO Toy Factory.

SENTRO series products are suitable for friends who are six years old and above.

While having fun, let the children use their own hands to make daily necessities for themselves, their relatives and friends. As small as scarves, hats, socks, and gloves, as large as blankets, cushions, and pillowcases.

In this articles I'll take you through the features of the Sentro Knitting Machines and show you how to cast on and cast off.

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3.Sentro knitting machines detailed steps

These 3 holes are to allow for different tensions for the knitting.

Thread through the tension disk and then the channel.

Notice the black needle out of all the white needles. This can mark the beginning of a circular round.

Place the yarn next to the black needle and drop the yarn to the center.

Add weight for better tension by adding a clip.

Start cranking the handle slowly. See the yarn go under the hook of the first needle.

The cast on round will be the same as in the I-cord machine. We knit 1 needle and skip 1 needle. Alternate the knit and skip for the first round.

To skip the stitch, move the yarn to the back of the needle (to the center of the machine).

Move the yarn to the back of the needle.

Knit the next stitch by cranking forward.

Skip the next needle. Repeat the knit 1, skip 1.

The end of the round. After the first round, just knit every stitch.

Starting to see the tube forming in the center.

Clip on some weights for better tension.

When it is long enough, the tube will come out from the bottom.

Cast off

There are many different ways to cast off. One easy way is to cut the yarn, thread through a needle, and pick up every stitch on the needle.

Another way is to use a waste yarn of a contrasting color.

Place the main color yarn in the center of the machine. You can cut it first or leave the whole ball in the center if it fits.

Thread the waste yarn and knit a few rounds.

Both yarns are in the center.

After a few rounds, cut off the yarn and leave the tail in the center.

Keep cranking for 2 rounds and the knitting should fall out. Now you have live stitches on the waste yarn. You can pick up the live stitches to finish by hand knitting.

Finished sample.

Panel (flat) knitting

There is a switch on the side for T (tubular) or P (panel) knitting. 

P is for knitting to create a flat piece.
T is used to weave to create a tubular piece.

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Have fun knitting!